Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cultural Creatives and CineWomen

MAY 10, 2012

The cultural creatives have their own breed of innovation here in L.A.

Today I’m watching this guy on UCTV (the University of  California station) who looks like Tiny Tim, but with way longer curly hair and red metal eyeglasses. Turns out he's a Music PhD who invented the Performance Florist. So now we’re watching the La Joya symphony orchestra - all serious and sometimes chaotic instrumentation - and a tuxedo'd florist furiously cutting and arranging flowers around the perimeter; on a table by the conductor, on a spotlighted ladder unfurling white silk and sparkly lights down its legs, poking all kinds of flora into place until it all ends in a crescendo of activity and ultimately - unusual beauty.  It's funny at moments. They get a standing ovation.

Watch for Performance Floristry coming to your neighborhood soon.

Yesterday we attended a CineWomen meeting in a Santa Monica  apartment filled with intellectual liberal (oh joy!) women, accomplished documentarists. The director featured is in the distribution stage of WE ARE WISCONSIN, a goose-bump-raising film about that new governor who literally in the middle of the night, held a secret vote and dumped all the unions, and the way people stormed the capital as they found out - in the middle of the night. What Aime caught on film was not what she went there expecting. (The governor's recall vote is on June 6th.)  Here's the trailer: .

Tonight's my first yoga class at Equinox, down the street. The studio is beautiful, especially during the candle light yoga class. The shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion is all Kiehl's.

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